Every air conditioning system can be used to generate hot water. A REFRECON Desuperheater is unique equipment that helps to reduce hot water generation cost significantly. REFRECON Desuperheater is the "Ultimate Accessory" for generating this useful hot water from hot gasses of refrigeration compressor. This is available as standard module from 7.5 to 100 TR nominal capacities. It is a heat recovery unit specifically designed to heat domestic hot water 500C to 700C. By capturing just 10% to 15% of the total system heat of rejection, a Heat Recovery unit can heat up to 100% of domestic hot water requirements.

1. REDUCED HOT WATER COSTS: Heat Recovery typically has a one-year payback... or less. By heating domestic water whenever air conditioning system is in operation, Heat Recovery unit supplements hot water heater or boiler... significantly reducing fuel cost of heating hot water.
2. REDUCED A.C. COSTS: In addition desuperheater Heat Recovery unit also reduces operating energy costs of Air Conditioning system by 3% to 5%. This means additional energy efficiency for the overall system when Heat Recovery is in use.
3. IMPROVED SYSTEM OPERATION: Because desuperheater Heat Recovery System is equivalent to adding 15% more condenser capacity, it lowers the compressor head pressure / power input. This also helps to prolong condenser cleaning frequency and lower cooling tower fan operation.
4. Fail-safe design option of vented tube wall provides lifelong safety against cross contamination. Any eventual leak safeguards cooling system from damage through out the operating life of system.
5. ON LINE MAINTENANCE: REFRECON Desuperheater has on line maintenance serviceability that helps tube cleaning without disconnecting refrigeration operation.
6. SYSTEM INTEGRATION: REFRECON has unique ability to integrate heat recovery hot water with customer's hot water system, making it more operators friendly.

All HVAC and Refrigeration Systems can use Heat Recovery. A REFRECON Desuperheater Heat Recovery unit can provide operating cost savings for a wide variety of installations. Typical applications include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, dairies, food-processing units, pharma and industrial chemical processes... where hot water is needed simultaneously with cooling. Heat Recovery can be designed for all brands of HVAC / Refrigeration compressor, both using R 22, R 407 and R 717 gas. The REFRECON Desuperheater is universally adoptable to all makes and designs of air conditioning units, heat pumps and liquid water chillers including Voltas, Blue Star, Kirloskar, Frick, and many other Indian or imported makes chillers.

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